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Frequently Asked Questions
About Vehicle Recycling

Still not sure if recycling your vehicle is the right choice for you? Read on to obtain the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter from vehicle owners interested in our free nationwide towing services.

My car doesn't run; will you still take it?

Yes! As long as you have the title for your vehicle, we will still pick it up.

How soon will you pick up my car?

We can usually pick up your vehicle the same day we receive your vehicle submission form. When we receive your submission form, we will call you and arrange the best time to pick up your vehicle. Please keep your phone handy after you complete the submission form.

What kind of vehicles do you accept?

You can submit cars, SUVs, campers, ATVs, trucks, boats with trailers, golf carts, forklifts and airplanes.

Will you accept a car with car problems?

Yes, we will be towing your car away (for free), so it doesn't even need to be drivable.

I don't have my title; will you still take it?

No, we can only pick up a car with a title. Governmental laws prohibit us from accepting a car without a title.

What will happen to my car?

Your car will be sold at dealer auto auctions or scraped for junk.

Should I sign my title?

This is a very important question. I am glad you asked. Do not sign or date your title until we call you. Ask for the titling department, and please have your title at hand. When you get in touch with the titling department, ask "Where exactly do I sign and date the title?" Make sure your signature is the same as the name on the title. If you sign and date your title in the wrong place, you will invalidate your title and we cannot pick up your car until you visit the DMV and get a new title.

Do you service my area?

Absolutely. We work with a vast network of insured professional towing specialists. There are very few places in these 50 states that we cannot service.

Who will come pick up my car?

A qualified, professional, insured towing specialist will come pick up your car.

What should I do with my license plate?

This is a good question. The laws vary from state to state. Please ask us this question when we call you.

Have more questions? Call Vehicle Disposal Recycling Center today!

At Vehicle Disposal Recycling Center, we realize that choosing to recycle your vehicle can be a daunting and confusing experience. If you have a question that was not answered above, please feel free to contact us today! We are here to make vehicle recycling as fast and easy as possible.