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Fast & Free Pickup with NO paperwork hassles!
Recycle Your Vehicle Today! We do not issue Tax Receipts; we do however provide FREE TOWING.

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Fast & Easy Vehicle Recycling

Let Us Pick Up Your Vehicle Quickly and Safe - Call (888) 495-5886!

Do you have a vehicle that is simply sitting in your driveway? Perhaps you have tried selling it, but no one has expressed interest. Let us pick up your old car today!

We are interested in your vehicle, no matter what make or model it is. We can get that unwanted vehicle off your hands and even help the environment while doing so.

We accept all types of car and vehicle recycling, including: 

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • RV's
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Forklifts
  • Pickups

We also accept certain mobile homes, snow mobiles, jet skis, and golf carts. For more information about submitting your vehicle, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Happy Customers in Your Neighborhood

Hear From Our Happy Clients

    “Thank you for the generous gift of teddy bears.”
    Thank you for the gift of the teddy bears. The Adamsville Police and Fire Department has a "Teddy Bear Program" and the teddy bears you sent will be very helpful to us. We have found that this program does help in the frightening times you outlined in your letter. We will forward to you any feedback we receive regarding the use of the teddy bears to people in frightening situations. Again, thank you for the generous gift of teddy bears.
    - Letter from the Mayor, Police Chief, and Fire Chief of Adamsville
    “It is indeed a pleasure to know that you are caring people!”
    I wanted to take a few minutes to write and thank you for the Teddy Bears you submitted to Chief Wilson of the Montgomery Police Department. Chief Wilson has forwarded them to me to be given to deserving children. I am Major W.S. Thompson, Commander of the Juvenile Division. Some of the Teddy Bears will be given to children who are abused that are brought to the Juvenile Division. Some were given to Major Cooper, Commander of the Traffic Division for children involved in serious traffic accidents, and others were given to the Patrol Division to be given to children in need. As you know, America is a country of opportunities, but some people still have needs and go without the things we take for granted. It is indeed a pleasure to know that you are caring people, and are greatly concerned about our young ones. Again, thank you for the submission and I'll make sure they are given to deserving children.
    - Montgomery Police Department
    “Please relay our gratitude to your staff and volunteers.”
    On behalf of the Mobile Police Department and unfortunate victims of tragedies such as fires, traffic accidents, crime, etc., in the community, I wish to express sincere appreciation for the teddy bears generously submitted by your organization. They will surely aide in comforting victims in their time of crisis. Please relay our gratitude to your staff and volunteers. They are to be highly commended for their service to the communities across America. Keep up the good work!
    - Mobile Police Department - Chief of Police
    “Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide comfort to our most precious citizens”
    On behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department, I want to thank you for your very generous submission of 500 teddy bears. The bears have arrived at an opportune time when they will provide comfort to children who unfortunately experience a traumatic incident during this holiday season. In keeping with the mission of the project, the bears will be distributed and made available to those officers who respond to calls where a child has been victimized or exposed to a traumatic incident. Once again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide comfort to our most precious citizens during unpleasant circumstances. Please extend our thanks to your staff who have worked so diligently in preparing the bears. We look forward to working with you and your organization again on such a worthy endeavor. If we may be of future assistance, please contact Officer Angela Frydendall, Juvenile Division, Operations Section, at (213) 485-5356.
    - Los Angeles Police Department, Chief of Police

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It Takes 2 Min
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Fast & Free Pickup with NO paperwork hassles!

Whether you wish to recycle or submit your vehicle, we make vehicle disposal easy by walking you through the entire process. After you fill out the submit your car form, we will take care of everything. We will help you arrange for pick up wherever you are located in the U.S. for free. Our clients claim we have the fastest towing services in the country since we often do same day or next day pickup. We make recycling your car as easy as possible with zero paperwork hassle.

For more information about how you can recycle your car, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions. Your used vehicle can make a big difference. 

We proudly serve the District of Columbia, California, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Washington, Thurston County, Texas, and the rest of the nation!