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About Our Program

Vehicle Disposal Recycling Center

Shortly after midnight on July 17 th 1995, the concept of the Teddy Bear Cops Vehicle Recycling Program was born in Bellevue, Washington.

Simply put, the most altruistic purpose of our program was and is to help spread awareness of childhood trauma. Each year, five million children in our country experience some sort of trauma – much of which can be avoided, or at least minimized.

Childhood trauma can occur from domestic violence, accidents, natural disasters, fire, flood, or medical emergencies. Police officers, fire-fighters, and emergency medical personnel can do much to contain childhood trauma. But, can we do more?

That was the question batted around for hours back in July of 1995. The answer was as simple as it has proved to be powerful – Teddy Bears.

Most of us can remember our first teddy bear. It was something that was our own, and our most cherished possession. Can hugging a teddy bear spare a child the horrors of trauma? Perhaps not completely, but it certainly can alleviate it to some extent.

Please take your old teddy bears and dolls to your local police departments, fire stations, and hospitals. And please, pass this word onto others, so they too may be inspired to wisely and kindly dispose of their teddy bears.