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$1500 in Grocery Coupons Offer - Hundreds of items to choose from!

The grocery coupons are just like the ones you might clip from a newspaper. They offer a certain discount when you purchase the item from any grocery store that accepts coupons. Each coupon does have an expiration date.

You can order which coupons you want for whichever items when you want them. That way you do not have to worry about expiration dates.

The following is a sampling of the various grocery coupons available. You can choose the exact grocery coupons and quantity you would like from any of the following 31 categories once you receive your booklet.

$1500 worth of grocery coupons. Order them as you need them.

You can order from the booklet or online. When you receive your booklet all the information you need to order is available.

Just click on any of the categories below to get a sampling of the coupons available. The exact coupons that are available do change from time to time. The following is a sampling from a distinct time period.

Baby Products

Baking Related

Beverages and Related

Body Care - Anti Persperant

Body Care - Lotions

Body Care - Miscellaneous

Body Care - Shaving

Body Care - Soap




Dairy Case

Diet Related

Feminine Hygiene

Frozen Foods

Hair Care

Household Items

Laundry Care

Meat Department


Oral Care


Paper Goods


Pet Related Products



Snack Foods



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