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Persistent Tapping Noise - Heavy Knocking Sound from Engine

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Long ago we realized that one of the purposes of our Car Donation Program was to improve the environment by picking up old non-running vehicles, unsafe vehicles or smokers. In this section we provide information and solutions to common car problems. In this way you may be able to get your car fixed and thus accomplish the purpose as well. If the problem isn’t solved or you would like to get another vehicle, you can also consider donating your car or vehicle.

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Persistent tapping noise from the engine

This noise is a tapping one which speeds up when you speed up and slows down when you slow down. In other words, it taps with the engine, starting the moment you turn the car on.

Usual cause

Thankfully this is usually caused by a stuck hydraulic lifter. Although not to be ignored, it isn’t as serious and costly as the tapping noise caused by a damaged engine camshaft. This is a major repair and should also include all of the hydraulic lifters.

Heavy knocking sound from the engine

This is a sound you hope NOT to hear. It is low pitched and banging.

Definitely not a tap sound.

Pull over and check the oil

The moment you are aware of this sound, pull over and check the oil.

This sound often occurs as a result from running the engine without oil. Do not drive the car. Instead bring the oil level up.

Extensive damage

Unfortunately though once this sound is heard there is more than likely extensive damage requiring major repair. The noise is caused by worn engine bearings.

Do not ignore!

This must not be ignored but if you drive to a mechanic to repair the problem you run the real risk of engine lock up.

A far more serious problem in that the engine can be damaged beyond repair.

Have your car towed!!