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Long ago we realized that one of the purposes of our Car Donation Program was to improve the environment by picking up old non-running vehicles, unsafe vehicles or smokers. In this section we provide information and solutions to common car problems. In this way you may be able to get your car fixed and thus accomplish the purpose as well. If the problem isn’t solved or you would like to get another vehicle, you can also consider donating your car or vehicle.

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A definitely unpleasant smell caused by water soaking into the upholstery, carpets or insula- tion.

Not just a bad smell

But it isn’t just the smell which is bad, it is the potential of rust and damage to the metal through weakening.

How is water getting in?

After you’ve determined that the mildew wasn’t caused by spilling a container of liquid you must determine how water is getting into your carpet, upholstery or insulation.

Clogged air-conditioner drain

Usually it is a clogged air-conditioner drain. To clear this drain, go under the hood, on the passenger side near the base of the bulkhead on the bottom of the air-conditioner.

Be extremely careful not to puncture the air- conditioner evaporator. That expense is costly.

Clogged Air Vents

If clogged air-conditioner drain is not the cause of the wet carpet, then you might have air vents which have gotten clogged by leaves or dirt.

These vents, near the windshield can be cleared out usually by running a garden hose into the vents from outside. If the water doesn’t run easily out of the vent drains, then see your mechanic.


Another place which could create mildew is your trunk.

With heavy rainstorms water gets in, creating mildew but more worrisome is the rust and attendant weakening of the metal.

This often goes undetected as the water has gotten under the spare tire.

There are usually drain plugs which can be popped open allowing the water to drain out of the trunk.

Determine origin of leak

But, then you need to determine where the leak is.

A more difficult task.

Take the car to a body shop for help.