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Long ago we realized that one of the purposes of our Car Donation Program was to improve the environment by picking up old non-running vehicles, unsafe vehicles or smokers. In this section we provide information and solutions to common car problems. In this way you may be able to get your car fixed and thus accomplish the purpose as well. If the problem isn’t solved or you would like to get another vehicle, you can also consider donating your car or vehicle.

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Be On the Alert

At ALL times be on the alert for UNUSUAL sounds, leaks, smells and of course smoke.


Smells can be as unpleasant as mildew but harmles—to as serious as gasoline.

Always find out what IS that smell and why it’s there.

Burning Plastic

Plastic burning not only smells but it is irritating to the nose and eyes.

Most common cause

The most common cause is very easy to locate and fix. A plastic bag has become stuck to the exhaust system.

If you smell plastic and this is not the cause, check each of the wheels. Faulty brakes or a parking brake left on can cause the brake pads or linings to burn.

Most serious plastic smell

The most serious plastic smell is caused by electrical shorts, such as the plastic covering over electrical wires overheating. To prevent further damage to the electrical system, dis- connect the battery until you can locate the exact cause.

Burning Oil

When the car is running there shouldn’t be any burning oil smell.

Cause of smell

It is most likely caused by fluid leaking onto a hot surface.

Mechanic needed

While you might be able to determine which hose is broken or if the intake-manifold gasket has gone, you are going to need a mechanic to replace or fix what is causing the leak.

Dangerous Leaking Power-Steering Hose

A leaking power-steering hose is extremely dangerous as the hot fluid can spray onto a hot surface causing it to burst into flame. Don’t put off going to a mechanic right away.