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Soft or Weak Brake Pedal / Grinding Brakes

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Long ago we realized that one of the purposes of our Car Donation Program was to improve the environment by picking up old non-running vehicles, unsafe vehicles or smokers. In this section we provide information and solutions to common car problems. In this way you may be able to get your car fixed and thus accomplish the purpose as well. If the problem isn’t solved or you would like to get another vehicle, you can also consider donating your car or vehicle.

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Soft or Weak Brake Pedal

If you lose the firmness of your brake pedal or have to pump your pedal to stop your vehicle you may have trapped air somewhere in your brake hydraulic system.

Bleed the hydraulic system

This will require that you have the hydraulic system bled.

Replace your brake fluid

At this time, replace your brake fluid.

Always check your brake fluid levels before any long trip or extended high speeds, such as highway driving.

Grinding Brakes

If you hear a grinding sound when you press your brake pedal, please take serious notice.

Do not put off this problem!

This is NOT a problem you can put off until tomorrow.

The grinding sound you hear is your brake pads or shoes which have worn down to the medal and there is no friction.

No Stopping Capacity

More directly stated there is NO stopping capacity.

In such a condition your vehicle may swerve or skid due to your brakes locking up.

Rather than merely relining your old brakes with new friction material consider making the investment in new brake shoes and lining that carry a life-time warranty.

Serious problem...

The grinding sound, metal to metal, is a noise which indicates a serious brake problem.