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$1500 in Grocery Coupons Offer - Antiperspirant Products Coupons

The following is a sampling of the various grocery store coupons available for Antiperspirant Products. You can choose the exact grocery coupons and quantity you would like.

$1500 worth of grocery coupons. Order them as you need them.

You can order from the booklet or online. When you receive your booklet all the information you need to order is available.

Just look over the Antiperspirant Products coupons available when you are ready to order. You will have a huge list to choose from. The exact item that is discounted is listed with the amount of the discount and the expiration date of the coupon.

*Please Note: These coupons are a sample taken from May 2004




*Exp Date

Ban Antiperspirant/Deodorant


on any


Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodrant


on one


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